Targeted research studies

The purpose of targeted research studies will be to improve implementation strategies of the programme. This will also generate evidence for supporting policy change on food fortification. The key priority areas for research proposed under FFP project are: operations, market, political commitment, consumer behaviour and innovations to improve wheat flour and edible oil/ghee fortification programmes.

FFP is commissioning a District Rolling Study which will measure consumption patterns of fortified foods at district level and track changes as the programme rolls out. This is important for assessing who is benefitting from the programme. A second study will be commissioned to examine millers’ incentives for participating in fortification activities and will help the programme to fine-tune its policy on subsidies. More studies will be commissioned as the programme evolves.

FFP has established a Research & Technical Advisory Group (RTAG) to inform the selection of studies, provide technical and advisory services and review results.

The RTAG is made up of in-house and contracted experts, supported by independent internationally recognised academics in food fortification and nutrition. The RTAG provides independent and impartial advice on the research requirements to guide the overall implementation of FFP.