Supporting government

We are working with federal, provincial and district government institutions, specifically food departments, food authorities, health departments and education departments to make fortification universal, which includes changing laws and regulatory enforcement mechanisms to ensure fortification is carried out effectively.

FFP is providing technical assistance to the public sector to develop fortification standards, mandatory legislation, rules and regulations and compliance mechanisms for food fortification. These legitimate enforcement mechanisms are essential for fortification to become universal, thereby benefitting the people of Pakistan, specifically vulnerable and marginalised populations.

National level

  • FFP is working with the National Fortification Alliance,an important platform for coordination of all fortification related policy and programmes. The National Fortification Alliance provides advisory support to the provincial fortification alliances for fortification policies, legislation, regulatory enforcement actions and compliance.

  • FFP is working with policy makers such as the Federal Board of Revenue to remove or reduce taxation on the import of fortification equipment. This is an important element towards motivating participation by the producers of fortified food products.

Provincial level

  • FFP is working closely with the provincial food departments, health departments, education departments, the provincial fortification alliances and the food authorities in all provinces. These all play an important role in the institutionalisation of mandatory fortification.

  • FFP is building the capacity of public sector laboratories and their staff by providing training and equipment for sample testing to help establish quality control. We will also help to build the capacity of food inspectors and government food regulatory bodies working on quality control at production and market level.

District level

  • FFP is working closely with district food departments, health departments, education departments and district level coordination offices or deputy commissioners’ offices in the implementation of FFP interventions.

  • Staff employed by FFP as Food Fortification Officers will provide support to district level food departments. They will be responsible for spot-monitoring of wheat flour and edible oil/ghee mills as well as implementation of awareness raising public advocacy campaigns.

  • In order to raise consumer awareness of the benefits of eating fortified foods, FFP will work with community outreach interventions, such as the Integrated Maternal Newborn Child Health (IRMNCH) Programme in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces, Maternal Newborn Child Health (MNCH) Programme, and the National Programme for Family Planning and Primary Health Care in Balochistan and Sindh.